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5 Easy Exercises for Cellulite Reduction

5 Easy Exercises for Cellulite Reduction

Exercise can be an easy and enjoyable activity to do especially when you have a goal in mind. Our goal is to get rid of cellulite. Exercises for cellulite reduction can be easily done and obviously the exercises depend on where your cellulite area is. Maybe you have cellulite appearance on your stomach area. You will want to look at specifics like crunches, sit ups, swimming or boxercise which are quite focus on the waist area.

Perhaps you are troubled by cellulite on your thigh and hip area. Exercises that can help reduce your cellulite are running, cycling or squats. It is important to note that we all have different fitness capabilities, so always listen to your body when doing strenuous activities. Here we list down five easy exercises for cellulite reduction that anyone can do regardless of fitness level. They are all very straightforward and will be a great assistance in your quest to get rid of cellulite.

Standing Lunges

Targeting the lower body where most people face cellulite problem, it is an extremely effective workout to get rid of cellulite. You can either practice the standing lunges without any weights or incorporate a dumbbell or medicine ball while doing the exercise. Start off by standing with feet shoulder width apart and if you carry any weights then hold them close to your chest. Go forward with your either foot first and make sure your other leg is bend to 90-degrees nearly touching the floor. Follow up with alternate feet and continue for 10-15 metres. Do two sets of 7 – 10 repetitions. I understand this can be quite taxing on the legs when you first started. It gets easier once your legs get used to it. So increase those distance, reps and sets as you feel comfortable.

Step Ups

exercises for cellulite reduction

Another focused exercise on the lower body especially your legs. You can do this anywhere in fact so long as there is a platform for you to step up onto. Maybe you might want to go for a lower platform for a start and then slowly increase the difficulty with higher platform level. It is super effective on the outer thigh muscles and they can get pretty sore. Basically start by stepping up and down for 30 times with 2 – 3 sets of it. You can do this every day and once you feel unchallenged, add some weights like dumbbells or medicine ball into your routine.


One of the best ways to tone the legs, jogging not only trains your fitness but strengthen the leg muscles. A cardio intensive exercise that will help burn your fats which of course help eliminate cellulite appearance. So really it is a double bonus to tone and burn fats too. Apart from jogging, something you might want to add into your routine will be the stair climber. Quite similar to jogging where it tones your legs and it’s rather cardio intensive too. You might want to jog 3 – 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes each to get a real good workout.


For cellulite reduction, squats can absolutely tighten and tone the skin around your lower body area. A very simple exercise where you stand with both feet apart shoulder width length. Just squat till your legs are almost 90-degrees bent like when you’re about to sit on a chair. You can even place a chair behind you to simulate the sitting down motion. Do it slowly to add more difficulty and increase your muscle endurance level. Perform 20 squats for 2 sets in the beginning and when you get more comfortable just increase the numbers.

Leg curls

exercises for cellulite reduction

This exercise is usually done in the gym using the leg curl machine. It targets the back of thighs for those who have cellulite in that area. I must admit this is not the easiest exercise especially when your hamstring muscles are not strong. It requires a lot of effort on the hamstrings and you want to start with the least weight first. When you can complete 10 repetitions of 3 sets then you can add on more weight. Perform this exercise twice every week and slowly increase to three times.

If you think these exercises are easy and effective, then you have to check out one of the best cellulite reduction program that can be easily achieved by everyone.